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Mad respect for Vitor


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Stepped up and went 4 rounds when he wasn't supposed to get out of round 1


almost won


stepped up when no one else would


true fighter right there.


Jones just elbowed from guard and kicked his kneecap. Props Vitor.


Agreed except for the last part.


I thought he should have atleast tried some more takedowns thought instead of pulling guard soo much.


For sure much props though to both of them.

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agreed - even though Vitor was obviously either hurt or gassed' date=' he still hung in there like a champ and made JBJ work for it. JBJ knew he couldnt trade with vitor, but, vitor was clearly not able to explode on JBJ either.


Jones clearly played it safer with vitor than he did anyone else.[/quote']


Dude, Vitor was the one pulling guard, he wanted to engage with Vitor...

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You mean he defended a struggling arm bar from a standing position. sorry' date=' but thats weak sauce when your as tall as the green giant.


What saved JBJ was his kicks - they broke vitor, nothing else.[/quote']


So a guy can dominate a striker with kicks only and somehow he shouldn't get praised for it?



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