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Knee-jerk reaction to UFC 152

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It was a good card. Only found myself falling asleep a couple times. Overall I'll give it a B+.


Swanson vs Oliveira was interesting. Like, I've never seen a guy just give up before. But now I have. I mean that was borderline fishy. If I were a conspiracy theorist I'd be having a field day with this one.


Hammill vs Hollet was pretty uneventful. I was happy to see Matt back though. Hopefully he improves his cardio for his next bout. Also, there's no doubt in my mind that I could take down Hollet . Like, Dana, if you're listening, make this fight happen.


Bisping vs Stann was a good fight. I still don't think Bisping deserves a title shot until he beats Belfort or Okami. Not my call though and I'm sure the UFC is going to be more than happy to have Bisping be the first Brit since Hardy to get a title shot.


Benavidez vs Johnson. Not gonna lie, I didn't watch some of this fight. I'm not a fan of this weight class. It's like watching middle-schoolers fight, and I don't see a flyweight title fight ever carrying a card. You'll always see another title fight scheduled for the same night. Which is good for me, I suppose, since I'll always have 25 minutes to go make another drink, smoke a joint, and check my facebook before a real title fight starts.


and finally Jones vs Belfort. Part of me wanted Jones to lose and when Belfort locked in that armbar and I saw a look of fear on Jones' face, I got up out of my chair and started cheering. After that though, Jones just did what Jones always does and controlled the fight for the easy W. It was satisfying seeing him look human though.


Anyway, I don't get why Silva's fans are saying "Omg it took Jones 4 rounds to do what Silva did in1? Omg Silva's still the GOAT!" It's just not important. Silva's going to retire soon and Jones will surpass him as the GOAT. It's inevitable. He's just that much better than everyone. The only way Silva can stop it from happening is if Silva's last fight is against Jones and Silva wins. There's nothing else Silva can do to stop it. Jones will have better numbers when it's all said and done, and that's all the history books look at.

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