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LMAO, dana white Doesn't Even..


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its been way more than 2 accounts


the dude is obsessed with him' date=' more than any GSP fan on the forum.[/quote']


am i being trolled?


he doing this because he really wants to prove gsp is lame? is he doing this because he's pro-Silva? or is he just trolling us all hard just for giggles?

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You are judging by the weight classes ROFLMAO ,have you been living under a rock?How many fighters besides Frankie are fighting at the proper weight?

IMO GSP has been the smaller fighter in MOST of his matches ,definitely more than 50%.

There are guys fighting at 6-6'2 at 170,are you kidding me?I am 5'8 195 lbs,if i was 170 i would be skinny.

There have been MANY 170 guys over 200 lbs.That is why Hughes dominated the 170 division for so long,he came fro ma wrestling system that promotes drug use and cutting weight.

Heck GSP's very first UFC fight ,Menjivar had to give him 20% of the purse because he couldn't make weight,so GSP has been fighting the cheaters from day1.This is why he won't move up unless he has a chance to buildup and go in on a somewhat level playing field.


So many seem to forget Silva was once at 223,he is nowhere close to a 185 fighter.

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know what P4P means!!!


he ranks gsp as #2 but gsp has NEVER took a fight above his weight class..


what a moron.

So just because he doesn't fight at multiple weight classes means that he can't? And until he fights Silva, there's really no reason to, and nothing to gain.


I think Dana knows what the term means, but you seem to be a bit confused. P4P has nothing to do with moving up weight to fight.

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