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Introducing? Narantungalag Jadamba


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Currently the lightweight champion for highly regarded Asian promotion Legend FC, Narantungalag Jadamba (8-2) is one of the continent’s top stars in MMA. Read about him in this week's 'Introducing...' feature.


A quote from Jadamba:


“I dream of being a mixed martial arts legend. I like martial arts and the challenge of it interests me; that’s why I fight. Although the number of fights I’ve had so far is few, I’m satisfied. I believe that a lot of interesting fights await me.


“MMA is the best of all sports. As so many strikes are permitted in MMA, I got to like it and started to train. When I was young, I learned Mongolian traditional wrestling and judo. From 18-years-old I learned Kyokushin karate and have a black belt, first dan.”


Full interview and YouTube playlist here: http://www.britmma.co.uk//narantungalag-jadamba-introduc/4569883523

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