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Body work is under-utilized in GNP


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Most fighters are only concerned with smashing dudes' faces when they get their opponents in full mount. Meanwhile, the body is wide open. Why not try to knock the wind out of the solar plexus, damage the kidneys, smash the ribs, etc.


MMA fighters, with a few exceptions, are notorious for being preoccupied with head hunting -- in both the standup AND on the ground. I don't care how good your chin is; when you break the body, you break the man. Guys don't need to gas trying to get the KO.

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Depends on the style of the guy doing the GnP...most wresters feel ok in side control and much of the body is not open then for punches to the body


And if your stuck in full guard them your body punchs are really weak and just make the ref think ur stalling so why even throw them


And if your in full mount just punch the guy in the face to get the more easy ko


It's just normally if you can poster up you can punch to the body hard...if you can't then there almost is no point cuz the ref will want to stand you up

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