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Cro Cop Won!!!


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God No!


Reem went through some of the tops' date=' granted badr and remy werent in it either, where crocop is fighting a ton of lower level guys


If Aerts Saki or Spong were in there they would easily win it[/quote']


Overeem was skurred to strike with Cro Cop thats why he knee'd him in the nuts


Mirko's striking > Overeem's Striking > Dos Santos striking

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Lmfao weak attempt all around. Cc fought reem in mma not k1. And Reem in K1 in his two years there beat high caliber of fighters then cc ever did


i agree that Overeem has beaten better guys in K-1 but not in MMA.


i dont really care, i like em both.!


but you also have to consider Overeem is bulked up almost 265 pounds and fighting the same fighters like Cro Cop who is a small HW ;)

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