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Fights to make after UFC 153


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Anderson Silva - I think he needs to go down and face Chris Weidman now. He's calling Anderson out, and he hasn't responded. He's been accused of ducking over the years, but he's beaten everyone who said that, so you gotta think he wants to close his mouth.


Stephan Bonnar - Nobody blames him for losing this fight, he lost to the greatest fighter to ever grace mixed martial arts. That being said, I don't think this should be a setback, he should definitely fight the loser of Forrest Griffin vs. Chael Sonnen.


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - I think the formerly planned fight against Cheick Kongo should be rescheduled, because when he dropped out, Nogueira was pitted against a can. I expect Nogueira vs. Kongo to be a good battle.


Dave Herman - I don't see any use for this guy anymore. He has no standup and no ground game. CUT.


Glover Teixeira - Looks like the fight everyone wanted is what they got. Glover Teixeira vs. Quinton Jackson.


Fabio Maldonado - Dude took a beating like a champ, and even still came forward and put on what fight he could. I think the most logical matchup right now, for him, is against Wagner Prado. As much as I think Fabio is good, and probably will earn his way up, he hasn't beaten anyone GOOD yet. Wagner Prado is about his level right now, and they're both coming off finish losses.


Jon Fitch - Everyone including myself is calling for Jon Fitch vs. Demian Maia. I think that would be a sick ground war, and when it comes to standing, they're pretty even.


Erick Silva - I think there's a lot of options for him right now, he impressed the heck out of me, even in loss. The one I wanted to see was him vs. Siyar Bahadurzada, but since Siyar is coming off a win, it remains a mismatch until they're in the same column... So right now, I'll call for Claude Patrick.


Phil Davis - He sorta got jumped to higher competition rather than actually climbing the ladder, so he was unprepared against Rashad Evans. I think it's time for him to face someone in the middle of the road now. I would pit him against Vinicius Magalhaes now, I think it would be extremely interesting. Both their standup is shameful, and their ground game is where they win their fights.


Wagner Prado - As I have mentioned above, he should fight Fabio Maldonado.


Demian Maia - Also as mentioned above, I say he fights Jon Fitch.


Rick Story - Gotta think he's starting to look like a cut victim, but I'll say give him a much lower fight, but a well matched lower fight to see if he can hang on in the UFC. Have him face Pascal Krauss.


Rony Jason - There are a lot of fights I'd like to see him in, but the one I am particularly interested in right at the moment is a scrap against Steven Siler.


Sam Sicilia - He ate fist, but he put on a fight, and made it gritty with Jason. I don't think he embarrassed himself, so he shouldn't be set back too horribly far. Have him go up against Jason Young, see if he's got what it takes to stay in the UFC in a loser-gets-axed fight.


Gleison Tibau - The always-underrated warrior, is in my opinion, a top fighter. I think it would be a war if he was to face Matt Wiman, a fellow underrated, under-appreciated fighter.


Francisco Trinaldo - While losing his fight against Gleison Tibau, his performance was very good. I say he faces Melvin Guillard. Melvin doesn't often have to face opponents his size, and coming off some losses, it's time to test his mettle. From what I've seen from Trinaldo, it is an even match, and Guillard is at risk of being knocked out or submitted. A lot may disagree and think Trinaldo isn't on his skill level, but I do.


Diego Brandao - I would very much enjoy seeing him against Manvel Gamburyan. Manny sorta stands in that gap between the top of the class, and the bottom... I guess that's to say that he's a gatekeeper, but Brandao matches up with him pretty well.


Joey Gambino - Face him off vs. Justin Lawrence LOL, that'd be funny.


Sergio Moraes - His subs are working for now, but I don't see a bright future for him. He may as well stick to the bottom until he starts facing the good fighters who'll tear him a new one. I'd call for a matchup between him and Akira Corassani.


Renee Forte - Clearly he needs to fight people with ground games until he improves, because he got submitted by a guy with an arm and a half, no offense. I'd fit him against Cody McKenzie in a loser-gets-cut bout.


Chris Camozzi - He looked fairly good, and confident, but very sloppy. Naturally, my favorite thing to do is to match people up with guys who are gonna test their weaknesses, and right now, it is clearly his sloppy attacks. I'd have him face Michael Kuiper, who from what I've seen, has very clean striking. It would truly test Camozzi, because Camozzi, I think, has the strength and power advantage.


Luiz Cane - This guy is worse than Steve Cantwell... CUT!


Christiano Marcello - It was a controversial win, but a win it was. His style would match up well against Anton Kuivanen. They have very similar skills, only Kuivanen has the wrestling, and Marcello has the BJJ.


Reza Madadi - As the controversial loser, many saying he is the winner, I'd not set him back very far. Tony Ferguson seems like a logical matchup to me, since he was exposed as a TUF can, and if he lost to Michael Johnson, I can tell you my opinion of him isn't that high.

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