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Fights to make after UFC 153


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Anderson Silva - Im almost to the point where i need to see him fight GSP or Jones before anyone else. He's just not on anyone else's level.


Stephan Bonnar - There were talks of him retiring but imo it would be a huge loss. I always loved watching Bonnar fight win or lose. If he doesn't retire have him fight Ryan Jimmo.




Big Nog - I feel the exact opposite for Nog that i did for Bonnar. He looked terrible out there. He was overweight, slow, weening into punches. It truly was one of the most awkward HW fights ive seen in a long time. I would like him to retire while he doesn't tarnish anything further but if he has to fight again i say try for the Cheick Kongo fight again.


Pee wee - he's cut for sure. Used to like him a lot but it seems he lost something.




Glover Tex - Fights already set for Rampage. Right call imo.


Maldonado - I say make him fight Prado. Both need a win to claim they belong in the UFC (even though we all know Maldonado's not going anywhere)




Jon Fitch - with his recent jump back into contention i would like to see him matched up with Ellenberger. Would be a tough fight for him but as we've seen before Ellen tends to gas a little and that plays right into how Fitch fights.


Erick Silva - No doubt in my mind that his next fight should be Siyar Bahadurzada. Two up and comers with a lot of hype behind them. Would be a war.




Phil Davis - I never liked the Prado matchup to begin with. He needs to go back to where he's usually ranked and fight Ryan Bader.


Wagner Prado - Would stilll like to see him fight Maldonado.




Demian Maia - Looked phenomenal against an extremely tough Rick Story. Nobody has ever beaten Rick Story like that. With 2 wins against 2 tough opponents at WW I would like to see a slight step up and see Maia fight Mike Pierce. If thats too much of a jump I think Thiago ALves or even Dan Hardy would be good match ups.


Rick Story - His back will be up against the wall in this next fight. He will get an opponent further down the rankings for sure and anyone like Che Mills, Ludwig, Neer, or even Sadollah would suffice.





Im not going to do the prelims because most of them are at the bottom of the UFC rankings and could be matched up with many different fighters.

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Maia needs to fight top 10/5 guys now. There's no need to mangle another low ranked welterweight


Pierce is pretty damn close to a top 10 opponent. It also matter who's available and not many atm. I guess Ellenberger is an option too.


You think Mike Pierce is better than Thiago Alves?


Anyway' date=' the only way to see GSP vs Silva is probably at 170, GSP would just duck at a higher class.


You have some good fights in there but I don't like Erick vs Siyar[/quote']


Where they're at ranking wise....Pierce is definitely above Thiago. Pierce's wins over Rocha and Simpson are better than Alves recent wins over Abedi and Howard. Both have also lost to top competition but Pierce was much more competitive than Thiago has been. Besides...its almost a year now since Alves' last win. Pierce has had 3 wins since then. You could also look at the fact that Alves has multiple sub losses and Pierce is a much better wrestler that could ward off Maia's TDs a lot better.



Why no Erick vs Siyar?

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meh' date=' WW is crazy deep these days that a fight like that won't have that big of an impact. I think WW has become deeper than LW for sure.[/quote']


No doubt!!








Eric Silva





Diaz (who might beat one or two of the above names if he's lucky enough to goad em into a brawl)

Heck, I'm even going to toss Mike Pierce in there, Pyle might put together another great run, never count out Diego Sanchez from making a run, Dan Hardy has began to show some noticable improvements.


WW is the top division in the UFC again. Exciting division despite being horribly backed up at the moment.

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