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Why Do You Still Watch UFC?...


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If you think every fight is fixed.


That's all you see nowadays, "it was fixed, it was fixed". If you think that the UFC has fixed fights I want to know why you still watch. What's the point?


Why don't you start a petition to have the UFC investigated and shut down? They're making millions of dollars from PPV's and tickets. If they are fixing fights they deserve to be shut down. You guys that keep saying fights are fixed should get together and start a movement to get the UFC closed down.


Someone will usually say a fight is fixed if the person they want to win doesn't win. If Chael Sonnen had won at UFC 148, it would have been a great victory. Since he didn't, the fight was fixed. Forrest Griffin took a dive at UFC 101 against Silva too. Did you read about it? Go through these forums, you'll see it.


Stop complaining about fights being fixed and go do something about it, who needs MMA anyway? All we need is boxing and WWE.

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Even though you are trolling I will say this to people who think it was fixed Sonnen got beatdown and some on here who maybe haven't ever been in a fight in real life don't realise you can get hurt by a shot and not recover for awhile. rewatch the 2nd round Anderson hits him with a few punches Chael is clearly stunned by.. then not long after he knows he is getting finished without his legs properly under him and throws a hail mary back fist before getting stopped with strikes.


I really don't see a fix in this fight at all.

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Personally, I don't think any fight is fixed.

If it came out that the UFC fixed fights I would never watch again.


My original question is to people who think any fights are fixed, even if it's just one fight.

Why don't you guys get together and find a way to shut the UFC down, because they are cheating people.

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I wanna hear from someone who thinks fights are fixed. They're in here somewhere.

After every event you'll see someone in here posting "it was fixed, he took a dive",

or something like that. I just want to know the reason that they continue to watch

UFC. Someone please tell me why you won't try to have the UFC shut down for being

a fraud. UFC 148 made tons of money. If it was fixed there needs to be an investigation

and the UFC and all the fighters will be out of business.

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Speak for yourself.


Brock/Overeem just looked fishy. Brock the guy who made his career with his wrestling all of a sudden decided to stand with the K1 champion who wouldn't have posed problem on the ground? I don't see it.



Ok, if that's the case, you should contact the commission and have them investigated for Brock standing with Overeem. If it's discovered that the UFC forced Brock to stand, the UFC should be shut down, and all operations, future events, tv shows, cancelled immediately.

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