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Introduction of cruiserweight classes between WW, MW and LHW to stimulate superfights


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Nope, problem with too many divisions is that you will have the likes of Sonnen, Faber, Florian jump between 5 or 6 weight classes getting immediate title shots, meaning even more worthless title fights happening.


The one thing i would say though, is that rather then looking to add an atomweight division (115), I wish Dana would seriously consider a cruizerweight division (220) to give the larger LHW's somewhere to go and the lighter HW's.


For those who say to that "No, because HW and LHW are too thin as it is", i say consider these facts:


- With the SF HW's in UFC now, the HW division is now actually bigger than the LHW division and similar in size to the MW.


- Around 30% of the roster in the MW division are guys that naturally fight at 205, but due to the massive weight cutting that happens in UFC, they have been forced down to MW. With a CW division, the 'big' 205ers will move up allowing these guys to return to 205.


- The MW's that move up will be replaced by the bigger WW's, who are in a division which is 25% bigger than any of the bigger weight classes, therefore balancing out the roster.

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