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Who is the least talked about top 10 guy?


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Oh didn't you hear Boetsch is a fan favorite. The UFC said so in their last countdown show. :rolleyes:


And I wouldn't say Davis and Mendes don't get the attention they deserve.


Yah I heard that right be4 they gave Vitor cred as a HW champion aswell:cool:


I also for got about werdum


When it comes to mendes be4 and after the Aldo fight I feel like he never got the love he should have got...until his title fight he was always a prelim card guy and no fans really talked on him unless it was the Aldo hatred who said he would crush him lol

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Hendo is not talked much, because it's boring to talk about him, you can't talk ****, he fights real competition instead of ****tucks, unlike Feardor and Canderson, natural can crushers. Also it's not because he is a worst fighter, instead it's just the opposite, he is greater, he fought everyone, anytime, anyweight, doesn't matter, he doesn't ask a fighter his weightclass to refuse a fight. Also this qpoll biased, many or most of the guys in the poll aren't top 10.

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Two or three are not in the UFC.

IMO the least talked about guy who imo is actually a really good fighter is Mark Hominick.

Who has come close to beating GSP?None

Beating Jones?None

Beating JDS?None

Beating Silva?Sonnen but he straight out got submitted

Hominick lasted right to the decision and only lost on time,any longer,many feel he would have beaten the very highly rated Aldo.We are not talking a lucky one punch KO,that imo is not beating anyone,we are talking a complete fight where both guys gave it their all.

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