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TUF moving to weekdays


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Hopefully they move to Tuesday or Wednesday. That seems to be key nights on FX. Even Thursday would be better though. Friday nights are known as a death time slot for tv programs because people are out doing other things. It is especially bad for the target audience that TUF wants.


I agree with this. I watch this on Comcast in Utah and they show it on FX at 11:00 on Fridays. WTF is up with 11:00 p.m. The production of it at the beginning was horrid, but that has at least gotten better. I loved this show for the most part, the talent pool is halfassed lately and the drama is pretty predictable anymore.


Just seems like the move to FX was made with so many poor decisions involved. We can't even get Fuel TV to watch the events on there, unless I switch to Satellite. lol I'm just about done watching the UFC in general from the way they are running it now. Used to be one of those things I couldn't miss, now it's borderline if I care or not. I'd rather watch football, baseball or well, anything now, two years ago I couldn't have said that.


Someone took a big turd on the way things are run, I'm sure the money looked better on paper, but it can't be better for them now. Oh well.

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