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Spider Considers Jones Fight.


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Today there was a interview for one of Anderson Silvas Sponsors here in RIo.

And i think for the first time he considered fighting Jon Jones.





the title says:

For the Fans, Anderson silva admits fight with Jon Jones at a catchweight.


resuming the news:

He said his weight class is middleweight and his team mates are in Jones weightclass.. so it would have to be a catchweight. And if Dana pays all that promissed money to Jones and he accepts.. hell have to accept as well. but just because people are talking so much about it.


Get google translate.. my english isnt the best. :)

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Jones is literally fearless right now... his ego would want to fight Silva bc he thinks he can beat him. If Silva keeps saying he'll do it, Dana will push Jones to accept and it wouldn't take much push imo. Silva vs Jones would break UFC 100 and be a record for awhile.

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