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Rampage vs Glover.....


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If you think Jones vs. Chael is a mismatch......... what about this one?


Glover will destroy Rampage worse than he did Fabio.


Agreed, Fabio was a seasoned pro-boxer and fared very well, held his own very well. Fabio can be the man, but he needs to learn other martial arts striking styles, and he can definitely be champion material. As for chump change Page, he is gonna get destroyed by Glover.

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This nickname "Chumpage" is the lamest thing i have ever seen. LOL @ the Rampage haters, same people who were his fans 2 years ago.


In regards to this fight, i dont know who will win. All i know is it will be an all out scrap and is the most exciting matchup at LHW right now.

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