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How would Rickson Gracie have faired in the UFC?


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I was actually thinking about this yesterday. You beat me to the post. Look how Royce faired in the UFC. Rickson was a huge Royce Gracie who was a lot better in BJJ and had very good striking. The only reason Royce was thrown in was because he was smaller and could demonstrate how size doesn't matter in BJJ. Rickson would have definitely been a champ in the UFC, and may have dominated the early MMA fighters like Jon Jones dominates them now.

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Rickson was actually why I started training in BJJ and MMA in general. I loved watching his pure mastery on the ground and he was hulkishly strong to boot. How would have Rickson faired in the UFC and who would you have liked to see him fight?



Considering the era he would have competed he would have done very well. For sure he would have been a champion. That's not to say he would just beat everyone but he has the ability to most of the time.


With rounds and considering some of the tremendous TDD many fighters have developed even back then i think he'd probably struggle against some opponents and get TKO'ed but he still would be super dangerous and could beat anyone the ground including HW's.


Nobody in mma even today has the kind of sensitivity and knowledge of jiu-jitsu basics like he does. He often goes to seminars and rolls with amazing blackbelts and schools them on details they thought they knew already. Not just any blackbelts but elite level guys like Fabio Gurgel, Galvao etc. just to name a few. The guy is walking, talking bible of jiu-jitsu knowledge and his ability to apply what he knows even surpasses his knowledge.

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I think it would be fair to say that Rickson would have been more successful if he had competed in the early tournaments that Royce did. Rickson was bigger, stronger, and truly the better grappler.

While Jimmerson may have been a bit of a joke, the Gracies desperately wanted to get the biggest name possible from boxing to show how lacking it was in combat.

Where Rickson might have shined was where Royce and the rest of the Gracies fell short. Would Rickson have been too exhausted by Kimo at UFC 3 to continue?

Would Rickson have been tossed around by Severn at UFC 4?

Would Rickson have only been able to manage a draw with Shamrock at UFC 5?

And perhaps most frustrating, Could Rickson have beaten Sakuraba?


Unfortunately, we'll never know how high Rickson could have gone, though I can say we can assume he would've done better and not tarnished his legacy with a bad drug test in a grudge match over an old (and dead) rivalry.

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