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Dragon vs. Bones 2


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The only way to build this up is to let Machida go on a HUGE win streak...like 4 awesome KO's in a row and THEN set up their rematch.


I am telling you that for sure the only guy who has a shot at Bones is Machida...they just need to let him loose on the LHW division

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I think when Machida struggled versus Penn,it proved he is really not a highly touted fighter.

There is still a HUGE gap in talent in the UFC.I would say all the champions except maybe Jones are NOT well rounded.GSP can strike a little,Jones a little,JDS cannot wrestle,Silva cannot wrestle.

This sport just does not attract the premier athletes and to come out with MANY great well rounded fighters,you would need to attract a LOT of premier athletes.The money is simply not there,even the lowest paid athletes in other sports make as much as the highest in MMA.


So there is nothing that would make sense versus Jones.Silva would be a good fight just because he does not commit ,he is a counter striker and he has a bit of wrestling defense,but no way he stuffs Jones.It would only remain intriguing as long as it remains on the feet.

Jones is the first and probably one of FEW for several years yet to be well rounded,athletic and with decent cardio.

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