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Rampage will be champ again


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"I know I'll never accomplish anything I can't first see in my mind. I see me as champ again. I'm training for it! You heard it here first "




What a boss' date=' Rampage will be champ soon enough




Agreed. Nobody can stand or wrestle with a healthy Rampage.


LMFAO u two losers are having a wet dream.........

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Nonsense ,he is so washed up and injured it is not funny.It would take at least a full year to get his legs in shape to compensate for the wrecked knees and even then i doubt would help.

What skills has Rampage ever shown?Pick a guy up and slam him,sort of like Matt Hughes?Doesn't work so good when you are not the bigger guy anymore and a lot younger.

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Even if he signs another contract, he's totally irrelevant. He's past his prime.


First, he hasnt knocked anyone out since UFC 92, back in December 2008.


Second, look at some of the fights he's had.


Rampage vs. Hamill - terrible fight

Rampage vs. Machida - terrible fight

Rampage vs. Evans - terrible fight

Rampage vs. Bader - terrible fight

Rampage vs. Jones - choked out


These were all horrible fights for Rampage, even the couple he won. I dont even know how he convinced anyone he deserved a title shot against Bones. I dont know how he convinced Dana to put him as the co main event at UFC 144, he havent done anything to deserve it.

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Nahhh he just saw some $$$$ on these potential fights he might be on:


RAMPAGE VS SHOGUN (specially if Shogun loses to Gus)


RAMPAGE VS SONNEN (we all know that already started time ago and they will fight if Sonnen loses to Jones, which he will).


RAMPAGE VS GLOVER (Rampage claims some trash talk on Glovers side)


RAMPAGE VS EVANS (Could happen depending on scenarios)


RAMPAGE VS WANDY (Yep, wouldnt be shocked because they are 2x1)


Right there 5 super fights for Rampage to do some cash and finally go to Bellator (because he would lose all 5 of them)

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I dont think he's done anything to get any of those fights. On the next card they put him on, he should not be the main event, co main event, fight before the co main event, or even in the prelims, let him fight on Facebook.


He's too one dimensional, that's why Bones was able to pick him apart. Bader too. It's "mixed martial arts", and he thinks people are gonna stand and trade with him. Personally, im sick of his mouth, and every time I see him on a card it makes me cringe.

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