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Scientists close to breakthrough in "Fuel form air" concept


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A couple of days ago my brother told me he had read an article about scientists in the UK working on a device that can extract fuel directly from the air in the form of methanol. I've also found an article about another group in the Netherlands researching a similar process with the same intent.


From these articles It seems as though this technology could be commercially viable in as little as 10 years, and could be completely renewable and carbon neutral.


article links below, please discuss







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Taken for what it is this is an amazing idea, and remembering that a working model has been made, I assume we will be hearing a lot more about this in the not too distant future, but as some of you have pointed out, If the big oil companies get a hold of the patents we probably wont see it for a much longer time, or in a different form if at all.

The group for the Netherlands interests me more because they are hoping to produce smaller, self supply stations in peoples homes, which would give everybody access to cheap clean fuel.


And mmafan73, a guy in Australia made some pretty cool compressed air engines and sold the rights to have them installed in forklifts in our larger markets, very cool idea.

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Going green has been a hot topic for a long time but it is only within the last decade that tremendous efforts have been made to push major companies into going green. I say within 20 years, most cars in America will go green. Trains will start to go green and by 2050, most newly built homes will be powered by wind, sun, and water.

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