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Erik Koch vs Ricardo Lamas added to already stacked UFC 155


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Wow this card is getting more and more awesome!


This is a great FW fights which will probably produce a No. 1 Contender, if not, the winner would get one more fight before a title shot you'd imagine.


But thoughts on the fight, I've always thought Koch was the most overrated Featherweight and there was no way in hell he deserved a title shot, I'm sorry, beating Brookins and Assuncao doesn't give you a title shot. No matter how shallow the division.


So I'm pulling for Lamas in this one, probably a decision, but on another note, which card is more stacked UFC on FOX 5 or UFC 155?

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Koch' date=' Knockout.


He is too good with distance to get taken down by Lamas and Ricardo has been knocked out a few times.


If not a KO than a lopsided striking clinic in favor of Koch.[/quote']


yeah Roufus has really improved his striking, this is the perfect fight for him to prove his worth, he would have been outclassed by Aldo so now, even if he loses, he can rebuild and not have that "he already had a title shot so he was to wait now" title over his head

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