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Wrestlers and cutting h20


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Most people who take wrestling seriously early on in life have high chances of stunted growth. I've met 2 guys who were wrestling prodigies who started their wrestling careers as early as the sixth or seventh grade and they are both short compared to their siblings. One thing must be noted also. Some coaches take it too seriously and force their students to a strict diet and weight cutting program.


One guy tells me his coach is always on his *** about eating right and not gaining weight - so he can make the lower weight class. He stands about 5' 2" while his brothers are all over 5' 6".


If you plan on doing wrestling, you better go all the way to college with it and compete internationally or else you will have sacrificed a lot for nothing.

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It is different for everyone depending on size and condition. I use to drop about 15 pounds for wrestling' date=' About 6-8 pounds of that was water weight.10 pounds is usually the limit that I would want to lose in water weight but I have seen and heard of people doing more than that.[/quote']


When did you start wrestling and how tall are you?

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