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My biggest secret about the pineal gland


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This was a thread I read at another site I frequent. I found it interesting. Do you believe it or thinkits garbage?




I want to share with you all a secret that I have jealously kept to my self. It has to do with the pineal gland and brain development in general.


Have you ever yawned and noticed the pressure in your head? The rush of blood you can literally hear through your sinuses. Well those muscles in your head are not just involuntary. You can learn to control that flow of blood into your brain.


I once was a kid very involved in strange mental practices. I see it as normal, even natural but have been told it is not. I don't know. I think our bodies have secrets to them we must develop that are not inherently expressed.


So. If you are up for the challenge here we go. You start by trying to get a small rush of blood. It might help to open your mouth and get a feel for the muscles I am talking about. It is not necesary but you need identify the muscles first so you can focus on them. They draw the blood from your neck pass it by your temples through the opening under your ear in your skull. This blood then flows to the front of your skull and IMO then directly into your pineal gland.


The first try's are hard. Really hard. You might feel like your head will explode or you will go insane before achieving the first "pump" of blood. Think of it like learning to move a toe after you suffer nerve damage. Like rehabilitation. Take it slow and steady. That is the trick.


Once you have identified the muscles focus on getting a single rush, if you can think to it next time you yawn do.


So you know what I mean and are trying to flex them. Once you get the first flow, try to increase their duration. Whenthose muscles get tired try to increase the intervals of your flexing. Switch it up.


The point being in developing a rhythmic pumping of them in which a constant flow is being generated into your brain. The process is augmented in meditation. Please do.


OK so the benefits...oh well....everything. The things that will come to mind will astonish you. The rest of your body will be vitalized. You will gain muscle tone and great physical strength. You will get smarter. You will develop psychic traits. I don't want to fill the thread with promises and hype....but you will notice almost immediate results after only a few days of an hour or two.


It is hard at first and kind of frustrating. You might look and feel like a victim of scanners from the movie.

The truth is after enough trial and practice you will be able to create long flows using your whole skull.


IMO the brain does more than store data. I think it treats blood and charges it with your life force. It empowers your body with a stronger bioelectric field. This in turn feeds your brain better blood.


OK. Side effects....

Your eyes will tear up. You will get into a heightened emotional state but this is purely physical. Your head will feel nice and tight. Pressureized and strong. Like when you flex your arm, it feels good.


You will want to breath deeper breaths. Maybe its just me. But I feel like my blood is not oxygenated the way I want after. Has led me to some theories....


There is more but that is it for now.....



I forgot to mention that your eyes will instinctively close. You can't do it with them open for some reason.

you might see a tunnel form like you are coming out of it. I have my theories about that as well but more later once people can collaborate.

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