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Fighters the UFC should Bring In


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lol yvel and duffee?


anthony johnson

Alexander Sarnavskiy

michael page

josh thompson

nate marquadt

Shinya Aoki

josh thompson

ronaldo souza

luke rockhold

daniel cormier

geggard mousasi




Hell ya, Yvel has looked like a monster since dropping to 205. Duffee wrecked Grove not too long ago and has always been a very talented prospect, got caught by Russow and got wrecked by Ubereem but who hasn't? Duffee would beat a good amount of the Hw's in the UFC, probably wouldn't be a top dude but he still deserves a shot imo.

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Anthony Johnson:confused:...if he fights at his natural weight as HW...i say yes...not a Dude

masquerading as a WW:D:rolleyes:


Since he has moved to 205 he has looked pretty good. He dominated jake rosholts and now if he beats dj linderman I think the UFC should def bring him back.

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