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My prediction for tonight's fight


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I'm going to keep this short and sweet:


If GSP does not come out and finish the fight, he is going to lose. It's that simple. I don't think GSP is going to decision his way to victory this time. And I also believe GSP when he says he is going to be more aggressive from now on.


That could either be a good or bad thing for GSP, as it will either win or lose him the match.


However, with all that being said, if GSP comes out in vintage "I am zar-E for my pear-four-manz" GSP form, we've got another snoozer on our hands.

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Even if Georges doesn't finish the fight' date=' there is an insanely good chance he would win a decision.


If he goes out and fights too aggressively he could get caught with a clean strike. That's exactly what Condit wants out of this fight.


Turning it into a snooze fest is probably Georges best option.[/quote']


That's my point. I think GSP is going to actually be aggressive, and that could be his downfall.

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