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Could cain move down to 205 ?!


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I think Cain is a small HW and I admire how he is still top 2. No comments. I also think he could drag his upcoming fight to a UD.


In case he loses to JDS, could Cain go down to LHW division ?


Time ago, I saw a picture of him and Machida side by side and Machida was looking even bigger than Cain. I also saw Cain in one nightclub and he "wasnt huge".


Depending on how he loses this fight to JDS (lets say another nasty KO) he will be little unmotivated .... (eventhough HW division is a joke anyways)



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Come on guys' date=' seriously ...


Lets discuss this with no BS or "you know it .." lets not imagine facts, all right ?


My question was simple : Could Cain drop to 205 IN CASE he loses to JDS ??


Any of these guys can beat each other in any givem moment, so no BS here.[/quote']


Not so sure Cain could make the cut but JDS could make it he is lighter than Cain. After this fight we will be asking this question about JDS.........

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Cain is basically Rampage with 20-30lbs more fat. He could watch his diet and get down to a lean 205, but whether he would want to is a different topic. He eats whatever he wants and it has no bearing on his level of fitness, so there's little incentive to do anything different at this point.


He's in a quagmire if he loses to JDS again; but, even still, the chances of Junior holding onto that strap for years and years is quite slim. Cain would just have to keep a winning record and hope to get another shot against a new champ down the line.

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