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Welterweight Match Ups


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With UFC 154, I think the new match ups should be:


Condit vs. Kampmann - An exciting fight with 2 top level guys coming off loses. Unless injuries get in the way these 2 should be ready to fight at the same time. The winner will get himself back into the WW mix.


Condit vs. Ellenberger - Condit got moved down the ranks, Ellenberger moved up. To me they are now much closer to each other, and makes this another exciting fight that could get one fighter back on track.


Now assuming GSP fights Silva, or Joe Silva/Dana decide Hendricks needs 1 more win to get a title shot;


Hendricks vs. Diaz - Diaz is supposed to be put into an official number 1 contender match when/if he returns, so this would make the most sense. They are certainly the top 2 contenders in the division.


Hendricks vs. Rory - This is only if Rory beats BJ. 2 top level guys coming off of wins. If Rory won he wouldn't be given a title shot, but if Hendricks did he'd without a doubt get it.


Rory vs. Ellenberger - If Rory beats BJ and does't fight Hendricks, this is a very exciting match that keeps propelling Rory up the ladder with big name wins, or helps Ellenberger get a big name win again and really get back in the mix.


Honestly the WW division is looking intriguing, with GSP or without.

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