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Where is Andy Silva in his carreer?


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He's still able to do his thing at an age when most fighters are battleworn and begin to decline. A bit like Hendo' date=' but without TRT.[/quote']


lol some truth in that


Silva's prime was 3-4 years ago I'd say...but his 4 years off prime is better than most people's prime...he still could stay champ for 2-3 years I'd say, but there are a few fighters now that could definitely give him a run for his money. The problem with being around for a while is that there's so much tape on you and people learn how to expose certain parts of your game...Chael definitely exposed that the one way to have a chance at Silva is relentless takedowns

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I think he's improved since his first. He was really good, but IMO became the worlds best around the Franklin Rematch/Hendo fight.


If we look at his fights since the Hendo fight, none of them have put up any sort of challenge to it's hard to judge if he's past his prime.


He needs to fight Jones to be truly tested.

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