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UFC is still entertaining to me...just a little stagnant


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I was thinking of some ideas that could help take the UFC from where it's at (kind of plateaued in the last couple of year) to a new, exciting level


1. weekly fights - there's enough fighters on their roster now that this actually should happen. there's no reason that healthy fighter should fight as little as twice a year. i would definitely be interested in seeing a weekly show of fights between some of the mid to lower level UFC guys


2. weekly interview-type show - it would be cool to have a show that interviews the fighters and gives their background stories similar to a countdown show.


3. less PPV's - orginally the UFC ppv's were beyond exciting and were a HUUUUGE event. i no longer feel the excitement of ordering a PPV that I once did. it's still exciting, but it's like they just put them out now because they have to, not because they have an event and a main event that people are dying to see...


4. less weight classes - NO MORE low weight classes, women's classes, etc. The champ should be THE CHAMP, not one of 15 title holders. 8 is fine...the octagon is 8 sides so it would be cool if they just leave it where it's at




Just a few ideas...feel free to give some others if you want. After hearing how much UFC people talk about the internet, you actually never know if they might take some of our ideas into account

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