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Can Gustafsson Make Shogun Tap To Strikes?


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Jones and Gus have a number of similarities. They are both young, are bigger than your standard 205er, and have taken similar paths through the division, in that they have fought and dismantled a few common opponents. Soon, another fighter will be added to their list.


They have both crushed Matt Hamill in pretty much the same way(unfortunately for Jones, Hamill has DQ power in his face), they have both walked through Vlad The Gatekeeper, and soon they will have both faced Mauricitap "Shotap" Rutap.


Jones embarrassed Shogun in every way possible, but most of the punishment he gave him was done on the ground, but then he is primarily a grappler. Alex on the other hand, is a striker, and it's safe to assume he will try and strike with Shogun, who will be going for takedowns nonstop like a can.


My question is, how do you see Alex fairing against Shogun in comparison to Jones? Will he beat him savagely? Will he just beat him? Or will he fail miserably and go back to sissy land(Sweden)?

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