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Arlovski v Sapp


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Bob Sapp basically gives up anytime he's in a fight and feels he's run into danger. He even admitted in an interview that he tells the referee before the fight that he's not going to take unnecessary damage and to watch for the verbal tap. He's thrown like thirteen fights now just to get paid.


So I gotta go with Arlovski, he gets finished unwillingly.

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Sapp > Hoost > Vovchanchyn > Sakuraba > Rampage > Liddell > Overeem > Werdum > Fedor > Coleman > Shogun > Machida > Couture > Belfort > Akiyama > Belcher > Palhares > Sonnen > Bisping > Hammill > Jones > Evans > Ortiz > Griffin > Franklin > Okami > Silva


By my calculations, Bob Sapp is the p4p best fighter in MMA history. :D

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I cannot name 10 hws better than him


1. JDS

2. Cain

3. Reem

4. Werdum

5. Bigfoot

6. Mir

7. Cormier

8. Struve

9. bigfoot

10. Arlovski


Barnett, Sergei, and even Roy could knock him out despite Arlovski being very skilled :(


Edit: Big Nog stop making think of people that can beat the original Pitbull :(

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