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Possible introduction of WMMA at UFC 157??


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Dana has just been talking a lot about it. It wont happen until SF is gone though' date=' if it does happen.[/quote']




he definatly wants it...


if they do they need to market more than just honda housy tho


just wondering cuz i heard something that they would at 157

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Dana needs to put an end to SF and just bring over the best fighters to the UFC asap. SF is damn near done imo. I can see a card with Ronda vs another girl and Tate vs another girl. They both are hot and can fight.


I am sure this was ALWAYS their plan but they couldn't just do it right away for fear of being sued by the government for monopolizing the industry.

By buying up and then destroying the competition you are not allowing the fair growth of the industry,you are just catering to JUST you and your organization,this does not bode well for fighters who make the sport.

I am sure their lawyers have discussed avenues to dissolve SF and work the books and numbers so it shows a loss or marginal profit.


What i will be most interested in is hearing from Coker himself after SF is gone and he is released.They might be smart and keep Coker around,he is twice the man Dana is anyhow a MUCH better face for the UFC.


They don't need to dissolve SF anyhow,they can just make a one fight showcase for Wmma.What is sad is that we might see the very best two or three and Dana will come on after show and tell us how great womens MMA is.Truth is past the top 3/4/5 there is nothing to offer from Wmma.

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