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I don't know if there is anyone out there that will agree with me but I really think this is the perfect time to add another weight class to the UFC. With all the talk of superfights and guys moving up and down weight classes I think now is the time to reshuffle the UFC weight classes. My proposal is that there be a 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 180, 195. 210, 235 and 265 lb weight class. I think that the talent pool of the UFC is only getting better and I think these new weight classes would allow for more fighters to move between weight classes and create more interesting matchups.


First of all I think that the wide division between light heavyweight and heavyweight makes it diffcult for a lot of fighters in the 220-240lb range. While fighters like Velasquez and Dos Santos have shown that you don't have to be 270-300lb to be a force in the heavyweight division I think there are many fighters that would fit more naturally into a 235lb weight class.


Secondly, Anderson Silva has destroyed the middleweight division and I don't see him being able to drop to 170 to fight St. Pierre but I could see it at 180 where in a new weight class it could be for a title. Plus wouldn't it be exciting to see Silva fight three consecutive fights for titles in three different weight classes. Now that could cement him as THE greatest MMA fighter of all time.


Lastly, with the talent pool only getting bigger in MMA there is an opportunity for the UFC to create a new division and create some very interesting matchups. I think a Dos Santos/Bones Jones fight at 235 could be one hell of a fight. I don't think Dos Santos would have a huge problem cutting to that weight and Jones easily has the frame to add 25-30lbs. The doesn't affect the lighter divisions as much but I think it creates more diversity and more competition in the heavier divisions which are both pretty stacked right now and will only get better.


The UFC has the opportunity to yet again be the leader in the industry and take another step towards growth in the industry. More weight classes=more fights=more money. It's the right time and I think it's the right move to grow the sport and it would not even shake up the belt situations that much.


I would love to hear thoughts on this from anyone who's interested.

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