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Wanderlei Silva planning a return to the light heavyweight division


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Wow! Wanderlei want to go back to 205. That's a bit shocking to me because I think middleweight is perfect for his body but I guess the cut is too much.


I think he's at a serious size disadvantage at 205 and I think maybe the guys in that weight class hit too damn hard for him.


Who would you guys like to see Wanderlei fight in his return?


?I want to either fight a catchweight bout at 198 pounds (93 kg) or at light heavyweight,?



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Wandy was better at LHW' date=' he had more power in his hands. With that being said, it really doesnt matter where he goes. His chin just isnt good enough anymore[/quote']


Who koed him again?...when he starts getting koed by wrestlers come talk to me


This whole who has a weak chin this is so stupid...what's the main goal of a power striker?....to get the KO...who has been Koing wanderlie?...power strikers...its not his chin that's weak...its his game plans to pure entertain


How did he do against a non power striker in bisping?...his chin looked fine

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