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Alan Belcher VLOG Week #10: 2 Title fights in Biloxi and the winner is a regular here


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Hey everyone here is week 10 of my VLOG,



Congratz to the winner, just make sure you hit me on Twitter.


LINK TO FREE TECHNIQUE-http://prommatraining.com/

In this weeks Vlog Alan Belcher coaches his fighters, trains strength and conditioning. For more videos check out http://prommatraining.com and subscribe to this youtube channel.


Here's a Video Index:

1:30 ground and pound

4:30 strength and conditioning

7:36 standing up off the cage technique

13:49 facts about Chris Wieldman

15:51 pro-mma groupie Anthony Claxton

17:27 Adrian Miles ground and pound

18:09 James Sharp submission

18:51 James Sharp's Americana breakdown

22:03 Comment contest



As always if you make it by the Mississippi Gulf Coast near Biloxi please stop in and say hi! http://www.alanbelchermmaclub.com

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