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Turning your phone into a modem? Help!


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First off, happy Halloween guys!


Unfortunately, I don't have Internet, or TV in my house. I can't afford it at the moment. I've heard about using your phone to gain Internet access on your laptop. Any one know how? I've tried Google'ing it, but I don't understand it. LOL.


Any help is appreciated.

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there are two ways to do this. you need a decent phone and data access to your cellular provider to do this. you will not be able to use internet on both devices simultaneously.



1st way - portable hotspot - set up a hotspot if you have an option in your network settings. plug your phone into the computer or a charger as well because this will be very costly on your battery. now any of your wireless devices in range can access your 3g/4g network connection through your phone


2nd way - usb tethering - you can hardwire it into your laptop/desktop computer if you dont have access to wifi or you dont want to use wifi. connect your phone to your computer with a USB cord and enable USB tethering. you need windows 7 and software updates to do this hassle free. there are ways to get around this if you know where to find patches and registration files., but it involves plenty of system updates on windows XP and editing registry files and drivers. . it might work with Vista with just a simple service pack upgrade, but its a fairly new feature.


if you dont have a good data plan dont even try this or you will be paying out the yin yang. if you have an older phone you might not even be able to do this. if you have android its simple to do either method. some of the iphones wont let you hotspot, but they will let you tether


some people prefer to use portable hotspots to route access, because you can stream your internet from your phone to any wireless device. ipod, gaming console, older computers, whatever supports a wireless connection. easy to configure, easy to use.


but usb tethering can be an advantage if you have a desktop computer with no wireless modem. the downside is you will have to figure out how to patch it to work if its not a newer model operating system and it wont work with many other devices, but the upside is you might get a little faster more reliable connection because its hardwired in and the wireless signal doesnt get bounced between another device just before it hits your computer. but if youre relying on your cellphone companies internet, it probably wont be that much faster anyways. just better latency

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harsh u have to pay money just to tether an iphone and jailbreak it?


and u have to hack your phone out? and the providers dont like it?



my god thats terrible. alll i have to do is push a button on my phone or plug a cord in. tethering is a built in option on most phones. not like apple, when them and the cellular providers go full commy on you and dictate just what you can and cannot use your "smart" phone to do.


i thought that tethering options or hotspots were built into certain versions of iphones....i guess thats just one of the many simple features they dont want you to have so you have to hack your device and then buy another program just to be able to do a simple feature included on every other smart phone


just another reason why apple sucks.

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youll have to spend extra money if you go this route if your on a USA carrier because they are nazi's


do what the guy above me said. jailbreak your phone, spend the $5 on the program that hides your tethering to your provider, and do it that way. not worth paying extra for the same thing when data plans are expensive enough as it is these dsyas

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you are in luck. apparently sprint is the only american carrier that truly has no idea where your data is truly coming from


you might be able to tether without them downgrading your plan or giving you a warning. all you need is to jailbreak your phone and get any kind of tethering app, free or not, , or even try to use the default tethering option on your iphone network settings to get it to work.



good luck. most carriers dont like it if you share their internet with other devices and will try to charge more money or threaten to terminate your contract if they catch you doing this without paying for an extra feature...its because they dont want people to pay for unlimited bandwidth only to sit there playing xbox all day and downloading stuff onto all your computers. they expect people to also pay them every month for a monthly home internet connection as well thus they profit even more.......even though if youre paying out the *** for unlimited bandwidth...or any amount of bandwidth, you should be able to use it on whatever capable device you want.


they dont look at it that way though. good luck on your journey.

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you still may have to deal with extra fees if you tether. be wary. i think its retarded. if you are paying a data plan you should be able to use that much data no matter how you want to use it or with whatever device, but the providers dont like it because they can make more money from a simple feature


i wont even tether. here on telus the most we can download every month is 9 gigs, we have no unlimited data on these ripoff data packages. 6 gigs is $60 a month 6-9 gigs is $90 a month. it doesnt get any higher than that, and any tethered connection runs an additional $0.50 per megabyte reguardless of the plan or addon.


ive got it pretty bad on my end thankfully my 3 year contract ran out in august and i bought a new phone and switched back to a pay as i go which definately has its benefits and i am saving big money by not paying for what i dont need or use up. i still hate these guys with a passion but the rest of the providers are just as bad around here.


be careful with that tethering stuff. it can cost you alot of money

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