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Rizzo Vs Cro Cop and Arlovski Vs Monson Anounced For Royal FC 1


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Posted yesterday and no replies?


Anyway' date=' i suspect that Mirko will give Rizzo a beatdown of epic proportions. Arlovski will sprawl(if needs be) and brawl and deal with Monson without any problems, too.


As for Ninja, he should've stayed retired.[/quote']


I dunno if anyone can whoop Rizzo the way Fedor did, but ya I agree that Cro Cop will put a a beating on him. I think Arlovski beats Monson fairly easily, Monson is tough as hell to finish but he doesnt really have any kind of stand up game and I doubt he could sub Arlovski.


I would have preferred Cro Cop Vs Arlovski tbh, thats a fight I have always wanted to see.

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