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Next president decided this sunday!!


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it is all a show to keep the population thinking they still have some control.


Everytime I tell people that, they say I'm crazy.


Sadly, it's the truth. But people hate being told the truth. it makes them actually have to face the reality that we have no control. One side says "I support education and welfare, and helping the lower class." the other says "I support military defense, building business and a strong middle class.". They are controlled by the same people, one tells one side what they want to hear, the other tells the other side what they want to hear, in the end, Big Bankers and the top 1% win no matter how liberal the candidates.


Obama was going to be this big savior of the US. He took office, he took Bush policy and put it on steriods, he started enacting policy like a dictator without Congressional approval, the middle class has become more poor, the national Debt has skyrocketed more in 4 years than it did the previous 12 years, none of the most serious problems the US faces are attended to at all, and in the end, people still think he did a good job. He enacted a health care plan that was written by a republican, EVERYTHING is more expensive. He's funded by big banks, Monsanto, the Bilderburgs, etc. It's funny because Liberals think he's all about supporting their causes. He's blatantly doing the opposite and doing it in an IN YOUR FACE kind of way, and they still swear he's going to fix everything for them despite things actually getting kind of worse for them.


Romney is going to save us from all of this, yet his political history proves otherwise. Romneycare = Obamacare, like Obama has as president, Romney as Governor spent over an entire year out of 4 on personal business and vacation, under his Governorship public debt rose, public utilities rose in cost, public transportation rose in cost, property taxes rose in cost, pretty much everything rose in cost. He left Mass #1 in public sector debt after 4 years, Mass dropped from being in the top 50% in the US in job creation into the bottom 25% in 4 years, he enacted an expensive healthcare plan that has yet to show any real benefit above what was already in place, and it's largely unpopular among people in Mass. He did indeed balance the budget all 4 years in office, but that's required under the states Constitution, so it's nothing that all the Governors before him didn't do as well the biggest difference is, Romney balanced the budget by raising the cost of just about ever public service he could to cover his large public sector debt. (Something about this man seems awfully familiar! Oh yeah, he's a white version of our current president!!) If he was worth our time as a president, why did he only last 4 years as a Governor, and has already stated there is no way he'll win Mass so he's not wasting campaign money there. If he was so great as a governor, surely the opposite will be true. He was a terrible governor, and the people of Mass overall hate him.


These two candidates are one and the same, supported by the same special interests, funnel government money into the hands of their big money supporters, enact more unconstitutional laws to further remove freedoms from the population, make things more expensive for the average joe, and are working toward shrinking the middle class. Under Obama, the middle class has shrunk a profound amount. The poverty level folks seem to think they are living better, but the disposable income numbers went down across the board in all financial classes other than the top level income brackets who's disposable income numbers actually went up (and they blame that on being a republican problem LMAO).


People are so damned blinded by the Republican vs. Democrat bull **** that they can't even see the truth of the matter when they are slapped in the face with it. They argue falsified numbers, skewed statistics, etc until they are blue in the face, and the fact remains obvious to anyone willing to open their eyes.


If you want change, you aren't getting it from a typical politician like Obama or Romney. Obama has made Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush look like geniuses, yet Dems and liberals cling to his nuts like he's the savoir of the earth. Romney's political background is so similar to Obama in action and policy that I'm surprised that the GOP even let him call himself republican, yet republicans are clinging to his nuts like he's going to save the US from Obama.


It's all hilarious really. Those that have opened their eyes are sitting the sidelines right now looking on the debates and arguing with a sense of both amusement at how stupid and blind everyone else is, and absolute fear because of what is likely to come of it.


Romney or Obama? I don't give a flying knuckle **** which one of these ****s is in charge when I know it's going to be nothing but more of the same ole same ole typical politician BS for the next 4 years, more dismantling of the constitution, more removals of freedoms and rights, and a slow and steady dismantling of the middle class.


Enjoy your "choice" people..... :rolleyes:

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Many sites are putting the outcome now at:


Obama 303 - Romney 235


Obama 290 - Romney 248


A few sites have swung Virginia as well as Colorado and Ohio to leaning Obama... going to be interesting on Tuesday.


Which sites are those?


I had two scenarios where Obama was going to win with low 300 in electoral votes and one with around 280ish electoral votes where he barely wins.

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