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Forrest Griffin refused to fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 155


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Honestly, Forrest and Bonnar should fight as a co-main event on Superbowl weekend as a retiring fight and I bet it would have great ratings.


Forrest got broken after Evans fight IMHO and made it worst after Andersons fight.


Phil Davis will hold him on the ground for 3 rounds and get a UD.

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1. Forrest gave up for sure.

2. How does one tap to strikes when your KO'd. Was out cold against Rashad and he already said he wasn't tapping.

3. Hearsay

2. He wasn't KO'd. If he was, he wouldn't have been able to tap(which he clearly did)

3. Shogun doesn't have a reputation as a pathological liar, so i'll take his word for it

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Again he already said he didn't tap. Flailing might have had something to do with Tashad repeatedly smashing him in the face. Also you're probably right' date=' Shogun is very knowledgeable when it comes to tapping to strikes.



I wouldn't expect him to admit to it. Ultimately, it makes no difference what he said, because anyone with eyes can see what he did.

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Don't u think if it was as incriminating as you say it is we would admit. Thought so. Forrest said he didn't and the athletic commission or whoever decides these things says he didn't so that's good enough for me. Was ruled a TKO not submission to strikes.

No, i don't think people would necessarily admit to certain things, even if they quite blatantly did them, and from following various court cases, that has proven to be reality.


Quitting is very shameful, so i don't expect anyone to admit to it, even if they did.


Also, Shogun/Jones, GSP/Serra, Kongo/Yvel, Forrest/Anderson to give examples, all resulted in the losing fighter giving clear submissive signals, yet they weren't recorded as such. That doesn't mean they didn't quit.

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