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Aldo backed out of UFC 153 due to bone fragment in heel


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When UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo got into a minor motorcycle accident a few months ago, it was thought that he hadn't suffered much of an injury. A few weeks later when he pulled out of his UFC 153 title defense, it became pretty clear that the injury was a little more severe than was initially reported. Today, Aldo's coach Andre Pederneiras revealed what actually happened to UOL's Grade do MMA (via Fighters Only):


"It was verified that a fragment of a bone was left on his heel because of the hit. It was causing an inflamation in the local and for this reason he couldn't run, go up stairs."


But Pederneiras says Aldo doesn't require surgery on the bone chip, since it's pretty small:


"As soon as he returned, he began to do the treatment of local physiotherapy and he is much better since from the past week now. The best thing is that it was a tiny fragment, so he won't have to operate."


Aldo is now scheduled to meet Frankie Edgar at UFC 156 on February 2nd in Las Vegas. Hopefully this thing is as minor as Pederneiras says it is and we won't have to deal with another cancelled featherweight title fight.

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