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Becoming a MMA Fighter


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A while ago I was browsing online and I was surprised at how many people asked this or a similar question. "How do I become a MMA Fighter?"


So I wrote a guide on just that. I tried to do a simple breakdown of all that is involved in becoming a MMA fighter.


If you're interested in reading my guide... the best part is I'm not selling it. You can have read it for Free here: Beginners Guide to Becoming a MMA Fighter


Just trying to add a little value to this community considering I'm fairly new here.

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Go to an MMA gym' date=' find some advertisements, ring the promoter, ask if you can get your *** kicked on his show. Boom, you're an MMA fighter.[/quote']


My top fan mail question, and this ^ is essentially my response, except more about working hard in the ammy circuit knowing you never know who is watching, and less about getting your *** kicked :D

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1. Buy Xbox 360 and kinect

2. Buy UFC trainer for Xbox kinect

3. Train UFC at home for 3 months

4. Call out Chael Sonnen via twitter

5. ???????

6. Profit


Man, if only it had been that simple back in the mid to early 90s when I was physically capable.....:rolleyes:


Man kids these days got it too easy.

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My buddy trains out of his backyard, and is still able to get fights at ammy events. Honestly a lot of low level promotions don't give a sht about your experience as long as you are willing to get in there and fight anybody, it helps if your big (MW,LHW,HW) too.


I mean Rich Franklin was self taught when he first started in MMA. Those saying you have to go to a gym to become an MMA are wrong, however if you want to become a "Good" MMA fighter than a BBJ/Kickboxing/etc gym is a good place to start.

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