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Gonzaga VS Rothwell who wins?


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The fact that Gonzaga gor beat by Schaub makes me thinnk he his only a journeyman' date=' not a title challenger like he use to be[/quote']


He did try boxing Schaub for some reason. In the last five seconds, he bullrushed, got his back instantly and sank in a choke right as the bell sounded.

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Great matchup' date=' who ever wins this deserves a top 10er.


I'll go with Gonzaga, he'll take Ben down and get full mount arm triangle choke, or armbar .


Who wins discuss.[/quote']


I hate matchups like this


I really like both guys and both men can't afford a loss.


I think Rothwell is coming off the most impressive victory and has a full head of steam but Gonzaga just dominated JDS' training partner and best friend so he's gotta feel pretty good as well.


Gonzaga Head Kick KO rd 3

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