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WTF is Bellator doing?


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With the MMA land scape changing Bellator is in the perfect spot to be the #2 promo in the world without a doubt since SF will be crapped soon


What I wanna know is why are they not tryin go buy up all the free agents out there


I'm talking the Anthony Johnsons,Andre Arlovski,Gilbert Yvel,Sergie K,Miguel Torres,Tyson Nam,Tyson Griffen,Dongi Yang,Houston Alexander,ect.....if its a big name who used to fight in the UFC or SF when they no longer are fighting thee bellator needs to try to pick them up


In the past 24 months they have done little work to increase thier brand...they have to understand they need a steady stream of talent to keep coming in house to keep thier name out there cuz when guys who are in house build thier name (or back up) they WILL leave....look no further then thier weff on Nate Marquarte...he could have been a great add but now he will be UFC again after SF is done


You have a lot of up start Promos putting on great shows cuz they have good names and entertaining style of fighters (it does not help that you have champs like Ben Askren but hey he's thier best fighter right now at WW)....how can Promos like WSOF,Titan,Shark ect put on such great shows with great names and bellator can't?


I love bellator and they make entertaining cards but I wanna see this promo grow to maybe not rival the ufc but atleast be "thorn" for a lack of a better word...and you do that with good names aswell as good fights


Do you think torney format that keeps good named guys away?

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