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fighters you like that a lot of people hate on?


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Weidman .Fans luv him while those stuck on revenue hate him.How would the ufc deal with a crippled silva?They better keep throwing has bens his way while hating on weidman.If weidman gets ahold of silva it's retirement time for the old dog being givin days.Thats right every dog has his day yet some are super special and they get extended days.Integrity VS cash flow we all know what comes first.Some call it selling out others call it the WWE in MMA .Discredited

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hw- big country

lhw- rashad

mw- boetsch-

ww- recently condit

lw- guillard

fw- leonard garcia.... maybe more critcizm of technique

bw- dont know who gets a lot of hate that i like... maybe cruz

fw- mighty mouse


HW - Schaub

LHW - Vera

MW - Cote

WW - Condit

LW - Danzig

FW - Mike Brown

BW - Faber

FLW - I love McCall and Elliot but I think most people do

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Condit has probably lost the most respect from fans. ppl forget he is one of the most smashmouth fighters the ufc has just because of one safe fight. Dont quote me but i think he has the highest finish percentage out of anyone in the ufc.




Both Diaz brothers, Carwin, Velasquez ( all the guys whose natural personalities are not to be the life of the party and get **** on for not changing themselves to please loser ****ing fans)


Korean zombie gets no respect from the ufc staff. The fact that this man hasnt fought or lined up to fight Aldo next is an insult

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