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As marcus brimage would say,,,


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wait wha?:confused:


Woof woof!


Your avatar sucks Krotch btw. Kos will forever be motor boating GSP's bum. He ain't the lead dog and the scenery isn't changing. Blee Dat


Lol you so mad that kos is the ww goat :cool:






Shube gonna shube




I' date=' too, am I confused.[/quote']



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Jorgensen isn't that great either and neither is Mendes.


Pretty much your whole sig is rubbish :) Except Ben Henderson. +1 on that.


Jorgensen and Mendes are gods. I hope a rat eats your eye balls and pisses in the empty sockets :)


because i'm bored and its occupying me. that pretty much makes it so :rolleyes:


fair enough, im going to sleep night ^^

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