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Can GSP vs Condit out sell Pacquiao vs Marquez 4

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UFC 154 will sell about 800' date='000.


Pac-man will sell 700,000.




800,000 is the average for a gsp main event card.


the average pac man fight sells 1.5 million

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Pac-Man/Marquez 3 did 1' date='410,000 buys

GSP/Shields with Couture/Machida and Aldo/Hommick did 900,000[/quote']


People bought UFC 129 solely for GSP v. Shields.


UFC 124 got 800,000.

UFC 111 got 770,000.

UFC 100 got 1.5 mil.

UFC 94 got 925,000.


Also, I derped and thought Pac-man was tomorrow. I was like, "Pac-man's recent loss, 3rd rematch and incredibly absent marketing will be a disaster." LOL

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