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Let's suppose that Chael defeats Jones...


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I think most people here would agree that the one big challenge that is being thought of for Anderson Silva now is Jon Jones. While many including myself believe this fight is a mismatch in size for Silva and should not happen, it's still, although unlikely, a possible fight.


I seriously believe that this is being thought about as a carreer ending fight... as saying if Silva would be able to defeat Jon Jones at 205 he could very well retire right there because all that would be left for him is to stagnate and eventually start to lose.


All that is true because Jones is a very dominant champ at 205 and because Silva, in the few fights he's had at that weight, has been seemingly equally or even more dominant.


Now.. what happens if for some weird reason Chael manages to keep Jones on his butt for 5 full rounds and wins the fight..


Apart from being a disaster for the image of the credibility of the whole LHW division, would that place Silva as the unanimous GOAT? I mean.. I,m pretty sure that if he was to defeat Jones he'd be a unanimous GOAT. But what if Jones gets defeated by a guy Silva has beaten twice? Could Silva slip in definitive and undisputed greatness by the hands of Chael Sonnen?

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I agree, but

this is what will happen.

Sonnen will attempt takedowns, Be stuffed.

He'll then get wrassled and elbowed into oblivion.

Silva will witness this and we will hear no more talk of Jones V Silva. I believe he won't want to risk his legacy


If Sonnen somehow manages to keep Jones down and grind out a miracle, we will still hear no talk of a superfight. There will be no need for Anderson to prove anything.

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