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Icelandix warrior Gunnar Nelson.


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Gunnar has all the potential in the world IMHO. I am very interested to see his developement in the UFC as I think he came be a star


dude is cold as ice


This...very good prospect...but with all new top rated guys you can't know what he's really got till he starts to face the top 50 guys then top 25 guys


I expect one hick up against a top 15 guy but will rebound strong...I'm not saying he's the same as Condit in terms of skill set...but I see his career going a lot like his where he takes a loss against a good guy (kampman) but comes back better and gets close to the ufc gold and out grows even the guy that beat him

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I have been reading and looking at Gunnar now for the last days, trying to understand where he comes from and what he is about.

I think he is one of the best in the world in BJJ and he has been inprowing his striking alot, his ground game is top notch and everybody he gets to the ground has been finished.

If he would get his striking and kicking to the same level as the ground game he would be a real force in the UFC, the guy is only 24 years old and has multiple honors in BJJ competitions world wide.

So now it is up to him to prove his worth and it will be intresting to see him against a guy that would bck him up, i think that has never happend, then we will see his real collors ;)

Merry xmass all.

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There is discussion here in Iceland about MMA right now as the sport is not registered in the Icelandis sports federation due to the lack of anti doping controll.

So im wondering about how the rules are in the UFC regarding doping controll?

I have heard and read that some fighters have faild drug tests but they have fought any way and my question is why is that?

Then there is the other matter, regarding Gunnar Nelson, i have been watching his old fights, both MMA and in the Jiu Jitsu competitions and i can not see anyone beat him if he gets people to the ground.... He is a monster in grappling and Jiu Jitsu, he has been fightin much larger and stronger oponents and most of them have lost to him due to his technique, calmness and strength, so in my oppinion he will be a champion in the UFC sometime in the next 2 years.

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