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Eddie Wineland: "I don't think anybody really wants to get hit by me."


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Wineland was fed to the wolves in Faber and Benavidez and I thought he had it rough and might have been overrated (especially his placement in the rankings at the time) but after the win over Jorgensen I was impressed, this definitely was the fight to make and the winner deserves to fight the winner of the interim title fight


Let's not forget Jabouin was definitely beating Pickett in their fight before that brutal KO, I won't be surprised if Wineland gets the W here

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Wineland as awesome as he is got lucky!


Jorgensen > Pickett > Mighty Mouse > Benavidez > Wineland


Jorgensen > Wineland in the rematch!


WAR JORGENSEN! Greatest fighter to walk the earth! He will kill Cruz' date=' Barao and Wineland in the rematches! :mad:[/quote']


^^^ This. Plus now he is completely a white guy.

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