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Just gotta feeling Hendo vs Machida wont happen !!!


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... just think somebody else will replace Hendo.


Im a believer on "fake injury" sometimes. Despite the fact that any fighter could get hurt and pull out of a card I also think UFC wants to make Hendos last fights more profitable as possible because lets face it, Hendo isnt a kid anymore and the competition at LHW, for Hendo, isnt getting any easier.


Call me crazy but I think Hendo will "pull out", Gus comes in to face Machida AND when we last expect Anderson vs Hendo 2 will be announced. Quick reasons:


1. Hendo WILL lose to Machida and say bye bye and go back to the line. Maybe fight Shogun again for a FOX card !!


2. Anderson is looking for marktable fights (and easy too but he can choose whatever he wants because he is Anderson and guys gotta earn the rights to fight him) and Hendo would be just perfect for Anderson (also easy for UFC to sell it).


3. If Hendo goes to MW to face Anderson RIGHT NOW, he does have a great record/resume to do so since he was "the guy to fight Jones".


4. Last but not least ... I think its very weird Dana/UFC decide to have women in a main event, sorry.


PS. Im not based on facts and purely on thoughts that Hendo vs Machida will not happen for many reasons !!

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i agree that he could duck Machida if he wanted....




but i doubt he would fight Anderson again. Anderson is fighting Bisping/Vitor winner most likely' date=' and a Bisping/Silva fight is marketable.


Also i doubt Hendo would duck a fight[/quote']


Good point my friend. However, Im also considering what Dana/UFC would "want better" PLUS a poor performance on Vitor/Bisping winner !!!

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