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This Will Be Very Cool! I'll Be Interviewing...Evan Shoman And Need Your Questions!


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Between my fighter interviews, I'm now doing NFI's (non-fighter interviews) where I talk with the people who help keep our sport alive. They may not fight in the octagon but they fight to promote MMA, have a passion and love for MMA, work endlessly behind the scenes and are the ones keeping the ball rolling at all times. Thanks to Leonie for being the inspiration :)


I'll be interviewing the most popular artist in the world of MMA, Evan Shoman. Proud to say I even own a GSP print.




If you've never seen his work, visit his site and prepare your questions.


Post one question here. Make it good, not too long and then I'll ask Evan your question while giving you props. I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!! I HAVE A NEW WAY TO ASK YOUR QUESTION.....Leave me a voice message. CLICK HERE to learn more


As far as my next fighter interview, I'm working on some cool shat! Keep checking my new site out http://www.itsyourcorner.com


And if you're one of the first 5 people to post your question at my blog, you will get your question asked! Click Here.

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Posted my 2 questions on your blog' date=' looking forward to it[/quote']


Thank you for posting there jduck. It's appreciated. If you get some time, go back and sign up on my email list. I don't spam. I only notify when a new fighter or guest is coming or when I post a new interview.

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yeah was just kidding man


have watched Shoman videos sped up and it's unreal. Big fan have contacted him about doing custom work before.


Still want to know when and how he got into MMA though. (<---- my question)


I'll ask him your question. What was the custom work you wanted? Just curious.

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