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JDS excuse monkeys


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His cardio was awful (Not making excuses' date=' having good cardio is just another skill like boxing and BJJ, Cain knew he had an advantage and utilised it)[/quote']


I don't think his cardio was aweful he went the whole five rounds. It's just that there are almost no HW's on the planet that can go Cain pace from the start of the fight and recover fast enough. If they ease into it it's easier but if you go from fresh to energizer pace you can get tired until you blow your lungs out and get your second wind Especially in the first round.


Five minutes going at high pace is a long time to be on the defensive the whole time and Cain really pushed the pace in the second round too. That was soo smart of Cain because it pretty much sealed JDS fate because it didn't allow him to recover at all.


Everyone acts like no one should tire in one round but it happens to the best of them.

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